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Firstly, Welcome to our page.

The reason we decided to start this journey is for one simple reason. Whenever we visited the shops, you could guarantee we would have picked up not one or two, but three or four packs of wax melts or candles - Yes we love them that much.

We like nothing more than a beautiful smelling house and its one thing that visitors always commented on. However a lot of them lacked one main thing! A fragrance that lasted and filled the room.

So after spending literally hundreds, We decided we could do better and that's what we are doing.

Our wax melts pack a punch, In trials just one piece of snap bar is still going strong after 20 hours burn time - that's over 100 hours of fragrance from just one whole Snap Bar!. Given, some fragrances are more subtle than others , but all have lasted way over our expectations.

So welcome aboard our journey and welcome to the family. We hope you love our products just as much as we love making them.

Best Wishes

Chris & Karl

Wax Marvels Creations

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